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Watch The Movements Of Your Unborn Child In HD Quality

It is an exciting experience to become parents. The eagerness to hold their little ones in their hands increases with the passing days during pregnancy. They want to see the complete process of formation of their baby. Thankfully, the medical science has developed so far that now it is possible to get the HD pictures of your child in the womb.

There are many ultrasound clinics in Liverpool where you can get different types of scanning of the womb. Mainly ultrasound is used to get the images of the fetus to know how the baby is growing in the womb, location of fetus in placenta, check amniotic fluid and look if there are any kind complications or birth defects. Traditional ultrasound is the 2D ultrasound which only gives the grain view of the fetus. It is less clear and gives off less detailed view of the fetus. Parents who are excited about getting the clear images of their fetus during pregnancy can go for the 4D ultrasound.

Usefulness of 4D ultrasound

It is an advanced method which helps in watching the image of the fetus with more clarity and in the colored image. Now you can see the face, hands and legs of the fetus. It gives off the more detailed view of the fetus which helps in detailed analysis. It is a three dimensional image of the fetus in the uterus. You can even see the moving actions of the baby. This type of ultrasound is completely optional but these days, most of the parents get the 4D scans to see the first images of their baby. You can visit the most reliable clinics for ultrasounds for 4d pregnancy scan in Liverpool.

In 3d scans you get the colored still images of the baby in womb while 4d scans help you to get the more accurate and moving video of your baby. Imaging is done from different angles so that in depth detail about the fetus can be known to ensure the better health of the baby and mother.

Best time to go for 4d ultrasound

This type of ultrasound is also an abdominal ultrasound which is ideal to be performed between 26 weeks to 30 weeks of pregnancy. Before 26 weeks, the body parts of the baby are not formed completely while after the 30thweek, the position of baby may get shifted down towards the pelvic area hence, you may not be able to see the face of baby clearly. Thus, it is recommended that if you want to watch the movements of your unborn child, take the advantage of 4D scans during the mentioned weeks of pregnancy.