Archive | July 2017

Baby Massage – Touch Therapy

Massaging your baby is the best way to bond with your child. Research has shown that massage helps with the baby’s sensory stimulation, digestion, improves circulation, overall growth and is relaxing for both the parent and the baby. Touch can calm and soothe a baby helping them feel less anxiety.

Nowadays in many hospitals and birth centres, skin-to-skin contact is encouraged as the newborns are placed on the mother’s chest and abdomen. Despite research showing that touch and massage boosts a child’s development mentally, socially and physically yet only less 23% of parents are aware of its importance. Remember, the next time you give your baby a massage, your act of love and care will have a positive and lasting impression on your baby.

Postpartum Depression – Be Aware

You have been waiting for this day for nine long months but now you are not jumping with joy and enjoying these moments but the opposite. You are an emotional wreck crying, unhappy, worrying, tired and anxious. You might be experiencing the “baby blues” which could start within a few days of delivery and could last for up to two weeks. If the feelings last longer and are more intense than you could have postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression is common with about 1 in 7 women experiencing the symptoms. It can be hard to tell the difference between the depression and the exhaustion and stress of new parenthood. But if you’re experiencing these symptoms and they are more intense and you are struggling contact your healthcare provider right away.